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Korova Vape
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Korova Vape

Korova cart makes use of the newest CCELL design, delivering reliable excellent performance. But they don’t slack on the appearance just because they got reliable hardware. The ceramic reed-style mouthpiece is a matte black, making for a very professional finish when combined with their three-eyed cow logo cleanly printed on the cartridge in stark black and white. Buy Korova Vape from pure canna store, Your #1 trusted source for high quality Marijuana vape pen for sale. Buy pre-filled THC oil carts from our vape store.

Korova Vape is a distillate and not CO2 oil its excellent flavor persists all the way down to the very last hit. This allows for an incredibly enjoyable experience. The only major caveat to this distillate is that it tends to be a bit harsh on the throat. This makes it something of a one hitter quitter for most. Even with that in mind though its high THC content makes more than one unnecessary. Buy Korova Vape with discreet shipping worldwide.

Korova vape is a high potency distillate with an extremely excellent flavor which persists to even last hit. Korova vape pen began as a humble kitchen business, only making edibles in California in 2010. However, with time, they have gradually expanded in scale and into lots of other products. Recently they have made their entry into prefilled vape cartridges category and started making this successful Korova Vape. Buy Korova Vape discreetly from our marijuana vape store.

This Korova vape makes use of the latest CCELL design, which delivers very reliable and excellent performance. Apart from the excellent and reliable hardware, they don’t seem to be compromising on appearance either. The ceramic reed-style mouthpiece is a matte black. Its very fine and professional finish when combined with their three-eyed cow logo immaculately printed on the cartridge aims to impress.

All these features combined in a single vape, allows for an exceedingly enjoyable experience. Although it is believed to be a bit harsh on throat for new users but despite that it will take you to the heights of pleasure and ecstasy. Its high THC content makes it an ultimate choice for vapers all around.

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